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Cover Reveal: Underwrold by Meg Cabot

Meg Cabot posted a 'Happy Halloween' post on her facebook page with this! Very Happy Halloween indeed! This is the 2nd book in the Abandoned series by Meg Cabot, I LOVE this cover!!! It goes ssooo well with the 'Abandon' cover. According to Meg, 'Underworld' is set to come out Spring 2012, possibly May. I am SO excited!!

 What It's About!

Escape from the realm of the dead is impossible when someone there wants you back.

Seventeen-year-old Pierce Oliviera isn’t dead. Not this time. But she is being held against her will in the dim, twilit world between heaven and hell, where the spirits of the deceased wait before embarking upon their final journey. Her captor, John Hayden, claims it’s for her own safety. Because not all the departed are dear. Some are so unhappy with where they ended up after leaving the Underworld, they’ve come back as Furies, intent on vengeance…on the one who sent them there and on the one whom he loves.
But while Pierce might be safe from the Furies in the Underworld, far worse dangers could be lurking for her there…and they might have more to do with its ruler than with his enemies. And unless Pierce is careful, this time there’ll be no escape.


From a Friend :)

Thanks to my good friend Ellen, I have 2 new books to add to my collection! They're practically brand new, too! I can't wait to read them and write reviews for them :) Thanks again Ellen! (

Discord's Apple by Carrie Vaughn 

Release Date: July 20th/2010
299 pages

What It's About!

When Evie Walker goes home to spend time with her dying father, she discovers that his creaky old house in Hope's Fort, Colorado, is not the only legacy she stands to inherit. Hidden behind the old basement door is a secret and magical storeroom, a place where wondrous treasures from myth and legend are kept safe until they are needed again. The magic of the storeroom prevents access to any who are not intended to use the items. But just because it has never been done does not mean it cannot be done. And there are certainly those who will give anything to find a way in. Evie must guard the storeroom against ancient and malicious forces, protecting the past and the future even as the present unravels around them. Old heroes and notorious villains alike will rise to fight on her side or to undermine her most desperate gambits. At stake is the fate of the world, and the prevention of nothing less than the apocalypse. In the same month, along with this all-new hardcover, Tor will publish a new novel in Carrie Vaughn's popular, New York Times bestselling urban fantasy series featuring werewolf talk radio host, Kitty Norville. Kitty Goes to War will be the eighth book in this successful mass market series.

Libyrinth (#1) by Pearl North

Release Date: July 7th/2009
336 pages

What It's About!

In her debut novel, Pearl North takes readers centuries into the future, to a forgotten colony of Earth where technology masquerades as magic and wars are fought over books.

Haly is a Libyrarian, one of a group of people dedicated to preserving and protecting the knowledge passed down from the Ancients and stored in the endless maze of books known as the Libyrinth. But Haly has a secret: The books speak to her. When the threat of the rival Eradicants drives her from her home, Haly learns that things are not all she thinks they are. Taken prisoner by the Eradicants, who believe the written word to be evil, she sees the world through their eyes and comes to understand that they are not the book-burning monsters that she has known her entire life. The words of a young girl hiding in an attic—written hundreds of years before Haly’s birth—will spark the interest of her captors and begin the change necessary to end the conflict between the Eradicants and Libyrarians. With the help of her loyal companion Nod, a creature of the Libyrinth, Haly must mend the rift between the two groups before their war for knowledge destroys them all. Haly’s life—and the lives of everyone she knows—will never be the same.


UK Cover Reveal

Hallowed by Cynthia Hand (Unearthly #2)

Release Date: January 17th/2011

320 pages

Personally, I like the Canadian/US cover better, but the UK cover is really pretty too!

Which cover do you prefer?

~UK Cover~ (Top) 
~Canadian/US Cover~ (Bottom)



Total Cover Candie

Illuminate by

My Thoughts:
I've seen mixed reviews on this one, I love the cover and the book sounds amazing but I'm just a tad skeptical. I love reading about paranormal and angel stuff and this has a lot of both, so my guess is I'll really like it, but who knows. I'm gonna have to give it a try once it's out though. :)

What It's About!

Haven Terra is a brainy, shy high school outcast. But everything begins to change when she turns sixteen. Along with her best friend Dante and their quiet and brilliant classmate Lance, she is awarded a prestigious internship in the big city— Chicago—and is sent to live and work at a swanky and stylish hotel under the watchful eyes of a group of gorgeous and shockingly young-looking strangers: powerful and alluring hotel owner Aurelia Brown; her second-in-command, the dashing Lucian Grove; and their stunning but aloof staff of glamazons called The Outfit. As Haven begins falling for Lucian, she discovers that these beautiful people are not quite what they seem. With the help of a mysterious book, she uncovers a network of secret passageways from the hotel’s jazz-age past that leads her to the heart of the evil agenda of Aurelia and company: they’re in the business of buying souls. Will they succeed in wooing Haven to join them in their recruitment efforts, or will she be able to thwart this devilish set’s plans to take the souls of her classmates on prom night at the hotel?


Hot New Release Out Nov 1rst/2011

Crossed (Matched #2) by Ally Condie

Release Date: November 1rst/2011
384 pages

My Thoughts:
I haven't read Matched yet, but I already can't wait for this book! I've been seeing Matched and Crossed everywhere, so I thought I'd do a post for it, since it's out in less than 2 days! 

What It's About!

The hotly awaited second book in the dystopian Matched trilogy

In search of a future that may not exist and faced with the decision of who to share it with, Cassia journeys to the Outer Provinces in pursuit of Ky - taken by the Society to his certain death - only to find that he has escaped, leaving a series of clues in his wake. Cassia's quest leads her to question much of what she holds dear, even as she finds glimmers of a different life across the border. But as Cassia nears resolve and certainty about her future with Ky, an invitation for rebellion, an unexpected betrayal, and a surprise visit from Xander - who may hold the key to the uprising and, still, to Cassia's heart - change the game once again. Nothing is as expected on the edge of Society, where crosses and double crosses make the path more twisted than ever.

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Friday, 28 October 2011

New Books!

Picked these up at the bookstore today, I couldn't help myself! I was gonna buy them off the book depository, but I couldn't wait forever for them to come in the Once I get my review request books done, I'll start reading these! :)

Born At Midnight by C.C. Hunter (Shadow Falls #1)

Don’t miss this spectacular new series that will steal your heart and haunt your dreams,  Welcome to Shadow Falls camp, nestled deep in the woods of a town called Fallen…
One night Kylie Galen finds herself at the wrong party, with the wrong people, and it changes her life forever.  Her mother ships her off to Shadow Falls—a camp for troubled teens, and within hours of arriving, it becomes painfully clear that her fellow campers aren’t just “troubled.”  Here at Shadow Falls, vampires, werewolves, shapshifters, witches and fairies train side by side—learning to harness their powers, control their magic and live in the normal world.
Kylie’s never felt normal, but surely she doesn’t belong here with a bunch of paranormal freaks either.  Or does she?  They insist Kylie is one of them, and that she was brought here for a reason.  As if life wasn’t complicated enough, enter Derek and Lucas.  Derek’s a half-fae who’s determined to be her boyfriend, and Lucas is a smokin’ hot werewolf with whom Kylie shares a secret past.  Both Derek and Lucas couldn’t be more different, but they both have a powerful hold on her heart. Even though Kylie feels deeply uncertain about everything, one thing is becoming painfully clear—Shadow Falls is exactly where she belongs…

Matched by Ally Condie (Matched #1)

Cassia has always trusted the Society to make the right choices for her: what to read, what to watch, what to believe. So when Xander's face appears on-screen at her Matching ceremony, Cassia knows with complete certainty that he is her ideal mate... until she sees Ky Markham's face flash for an instant before the screen fades to black. 
The Society tells her it's a glitch, a rare malfunction, and that she should focus on the happy life she's destined to lead with Xander. But Cassia can't stop thinking about Ky, and as they slowly fall in love, Cassia begins to doubt the Society's infallibility and is faced with an impossible choice: between Xander and Ky, between the only life she's known and a path that no one else has dared to follow.


Monday, 24 October 2011

Cover For Timepeice (Hourglass #2) by Myra McEntire

When vital research about the time gene is stolen, Kaleb must put flirting with anything in a skirt on hold and join Emerson and the Hourglass team to find the criminal (who could be anywhere, in any time). And even if they succeed, it may be too late….

Release Date:  June 12th 2012 by EgmontUSA


Sunday, 23 October 2011

Halo Review

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

Three angels – Gabriel, the warrior; Ivy, the healer; and Bethany, the youngest and most human – are sent by Heaven to bring good to a world falling under the influence of darkness. They must work hard to conceal their luminous glow, superhuman powers, and, most dangerous of all, their wings, all the while avoiding all human attachments.
Then Bethany meets Xavier Woods, and neither of them is able to resist the attraction between them. Gabriel and Ivy do everything in their power to intervene, but the bond between Xavier and Bethany seems too strong.
The angel’s mission is urgent, and dark forces are threatening. Will love ruin Bethany or save her?

 A good part of the beginning is pretty slow and nothing much happens, just seems like a lot of explaining. There's only so many ways you can explain the same thing before it starts to get tiring. Instead of just explaining how they're angels, etc. it explained it and then some. There's a couple things here and there that happen that make it feel like something good is gonna happen, but it sort of dies and not much happens. After getting past the slower half of the book, things really start to pick up. The new guy Jake shows up at school, Bethany and Xavier's relationship seems to take a turn for the worse and I actually wanted to cry, it felt ssooo relate-able what happens with them. Things just keep rolling from there. I really enjoyed reading this after the story actually got going, it's ssoo good, it's much better than I was expecting it to be. I had decided to read it because I love books about Angels and this is worth the read. I like Bethany, but she's a bit dense sometimes. I think my fav characters are Xavier and Ivy, Xavier is the total dream guy hero and Ivy is the understanding trusting older sister. All in all, this book is really good, but the story could have had a bit more things happen in it in the beginning.

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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Crave Review

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Release Date: October 25th 2011
Pages: 416 

What It's About!
Savannah Colbert has never known why she's so hated by the kids of the Clann. Nor can she deny her instinct to get close to Clann golden boy Tristan Coleman. Especially when she recovers from a strange illness and the attraction becomes nearly irresistible. It's as if he's a magnet, pulling her gaze, her thoughts, even her dreams. Her family has warned her to have nothing to do with him, or any members of the Clann. But when Tristan is suddenly everywhere she goes, Savannah fears she's destined to fail. For years, Tristan has been forbidden to even speak to Savannah Colbert. Then Savannah disappears from school for a week and comes back…different, and suddenly he can't stay away. Boys seem intoxicated just from looking at her. His own family becomes stricter than ever. And Tristan has to fight his own urge to protect her, to be near her no matter the consequences…


I was hooked right from the first page. I read a good half of the book in the first sitting but after that I had to keep going back to it, because it felt like it was a lot of talking about Tristan and Savannah trying to hide their feelings from each other and too much going back and forth between does he/she like me or not. Get it over with already! 

That's the only complaint I have, besides that, the book keeps a pretty good pace. You get to see everything from both Savannah and Tristan's point of view. Usually I don't like this very much because it feels like too much skipping around and the characters are off doing something totally different and it takes a bit to get back to where they are. But in Crave, it shows both people's perspectives on the same thing, like what the same kiss felt like from both sides. I really enjoyed reading this.

Especially the last few chapters, I couldn't put it down! Savannah and Tristan end up in a bit of trouble, and I actually warmed up to Savannah's dad in the end. I highly recommend this book, it is a vampire book but it's definitely not a Twilight type of vampire story :) 

Friday, 21 October 2011

Books For Review

 Beyond The Grave by Mara Purnhagen

A haunting new tale in the Past Midnight series...

I can’t move forward with my life until I know my demons are confined to the past...

Being Charlotte Silver, the daughter of famous paranormal investigators, means my life isn’t like that of other teenage girls. Especially after what happened to my parents. Things changed. I missed prom and deferred my big college plans. But I still have my boyfriend, Noah. He’s everything I could want—if I can figure out what’s up with him. Suddenly Noah is secretive. I fear it has something to do with what happened to us three months ago. The bruise Noah suffered during a paranormal attack has never completely faded. Now I’ve learned Noah is researching demons. And when he disappears, it’s up to me to find him—before something else does.

Enchanted Again by Robin D. Owens

 “The more curses you break, the sooner you’ll die.”
Magic has a price—and for Amber Sarga it’s days and years off her life. Each curse she breaks ages her—and the bigger the curse the bigger the cost, and not only to her. That’s why she hides away and has vowed not to get involved again… That’s why she hates looking in a mirror…
And then an ill-fated stranger arrives. Rafe Davail doesn’t believe in curses—not even knowing that in his family every first son dies young. Amber offers guidance but she won’t break the curse. Still, as she grows closer to Rafe and discovers the secrets of their pasts, she wonders if for this time, this man, she should risk it all…

Demon Lover by Juliet Dark
Since accepting a teaching position at remote Fairwick College in upstate New York, Callie McFay has experienced the same disturbingly erotic dream every night: A mist enters her bedroom, then takes the shape of a virile, seductive stranger who proceeds to ravish her in the most toe-curling, wholly satisfying ways possible. Perhaps these dreams are the result of writing her bestselling book, The Sex Lives of Demon Lovers. After all, Callie’s lifelong passion is the intersection of lurid fairy tales and Gothic literature—which is why she finds herself at Fairwick’s renowned folklore department, living in a once-stately Victorian house that, at first sight, seemed to call her name.
But Callie soon realizes that her dreams are alarmingly real. She has a demon lover—an incubus—and he will seduce her, pleasure her, and eventually suck the very life from her. Then Callie makes another startling discovery: He’s not the only mythical creature in Fairwick. As the tenured witches of the college and the resident fairies in the surrounding woods prepare to cast out the incubus, Callie must accomplish something infinitely more difficult—banishing this demon lover from her heart.


Thursday, 20 October 2011

Halloween Post

In honor of Halloween, I thought I'd do a special post on my fav Halloweenish movie! I know, it's not that bad ass of a Halloween movie, but it's still awesome. I don't really like scary movies, so Red Riding Hood is great for me lol. It's got the creepy thriller factor without being so scary you get nightmares for a week afterward. For some reason I also really like the saw movie series, I really have no idea why, since they're so gory and everything, but I think it's because there's all the mystery and puzzle pieces you have to try and put together. I really could do without the gore though! Both things Red Riding Hood and Saw have in common, funnily enough, is my bf got me to watch Saw with him, and I ended up getting hooked on them. Then Red Riding Hood came out and he took me to see that because he was pretty sure I'd like it even though I wasn't so sure, haha. Both the Saw series and Red Riding Hood are definitely October Must Watch Movies! Especially Halloween weekend. Which is what I'm doing. I'm so having a movie marathon of these movies all weekend long! Happy Halloween!


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Abandon Review

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

New from #1 New York Times bestselling author Meg Cabot, a dark, fantastical story about this world . . . and the underworld.

Though she tries returning to the life she knew before the accident, Pierce can't help but feel at once a part of this world, and apart from it. Yet she's never alone . . . because someone is always watching her. Escape from the realm of the dead is impossible when someone there wants you back.
But now she's moved to a new town. Maybe at her new school, she can start fresh. Maybe she can stop feeling so afraid.Only she can't. Because even here, he finds her. That's how desperately he wants her back. She knows he's no guardian angel, and his dark world isn't exactly heaven, yet she can't stay away . . . especially since he always appears when she least expects it, but exactly when she needs him most. But if she lets herself fall any further, she may just find herself back in the one place she most fears: the Underworld.

I loooovvee the mythology and paranormal aspects in this! Meg Cabot did an amazing job with this book so far (it's only book #1). She's one of my favorite authors and I like most of her stuff, but this is one of my fav trilogies by her! The story is so different from all the vampire and other paranormal stuff that's been out lately, it was really enjoyable to read. I was stuck in this book from beginning to end, there weren't really any real "dry" spots in it where I practically fell asleep reading it. I'm so excited for book #2, I wanna know what happens next with Pierce and her weird, mysterious, old fashioned Underworld man. 

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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Card Trouble?

I have heard a few people say that their card won't work for whatever reason on the Book Depository, and I recently had trouble with this too, so I thought I'd make a post to help you get around this problem! What you can do, is make a Paypal account and put the card that isn't going through, onto paypal. This is fairly easy, just takes a few minutes! Then go back to the book depository website and pay for your order through the paypal option. Good luck, and I hope this helped!


Thursday, 13 October 2011

Upcoming Release/Wishlist Book

Pyxis by K.C. Neal

Two worlds... one 16-year-old girl must learn to protect them both.

The nightmares haunting Corinne and her friend Mason hint at a universe that exists beyond the one they know. Her destiny is to protect a weakness between the two worlds, but her mentor is dead. As Corinne and Mason search for answers, she tries to ignore the sparks igniting between them, but can't deny she feels safe only when he's nearby. Will they find help before their nightmares break free? 

Not sure of the release date yet, but OMG I am IN LOVE with this cover!!! I just read a couple reviews on it, and it's just as good as it looks, by the sounds of it! I cannot wait to read this!! Just might have to pre-order it I want it so bad :) 


Masquerade Review

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Schuyler Van Alen wants an explanation for the mysterious deaths of young vampires. With her best friend, Oliver, Schuyler travels to Italy in the hope of finding the one man who can help—her grandfather. Meanwhile, back in New York, preparations are feverishly underway for the Four Hundred Ball, an exclusive gala hosted by the city's wealthy, powerful, and unhuman—a true Blue Blood affair.
But it's at the after-party, a masquerade ball thrown by the cunning Mimi Force, that the real danger lurks. Hidden behind the masks is a revelation that will forever change the course of a young vampire's destiny.
Rich with glamour, attitude, and vampire lore, this second installment in the Blue Bloods saga will leave readers thirsting for more.

This is Blue Bloods #2 'Masquerade' by Melissa De La Cruz. I think this is my favourite so far in the whole series (Besides Lost In Time, haven't read it yet). It's a little more "glamorous" in this one than the last book, but it is sssoooo good. Better than 'Blue Bloods'. It has so much going on in it, I was never stuck on a page that went on forever. In this one, you've got romance, drama and ties up a couple things left open in the first book, this is a Must Read!

Buy The Book Now at The Book Depository, Free Delivery World Wide


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

What's Your Opinion?

My Soul To Take by Rachel Vincent

She doesn't see dead people. She senses when someone near her is about to die. And when that happens, a force beyond her control compels her to scream bloody murder. Literally.

Kaylee just wants to enjoy having caught the attention of the hottest guy in school. But a normal date is hard to come by when Nash seems to know more about her need to scream than she does. And when classmates start dropping dead for no apparent reason, only Kaylee knows who'll be next.

Just wanted to know what you guys thought about this book/series? I've heard a lot about them and supposedly they're really good. There's been a few times I've checked them out at the book store but I'm never really sure if it's worth it or not, so I wanted to see if any of you have read them yet and wanna know what you think of this series! Good? Bad? In-Between? Let me know! :)


Fate Fixed Goodreads Giveaway

Three Chances To WIN!

So I know there have been a few of you who have entered the giveaway for the ebook copy of Fate Fixed, but since I can only choose one winner, I thought I'd let everyone know that you also have a chance to win one of two paperback copies on! (US only though). Ricochet Reviews is also hosting an ebook giveaway! If you want, you can scroll down the page and see my Fate Fixed book review and see what it's all about! So start entering fellow readers!!


Monday, 10 October 2011

Blue Bloods (#1) Review

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

When the Mayflower set sail in 1620, it carried on board the men and women who would shape America: Miles Standish; John Alden; Constance Hopkins. But some among the Pilgrims were not pure of heart; they were not escaping religious persecution. Indeed, they were not even human. They were vampires.The vampires assimilated quickly into the New World. Rising to levels of enormous power, wealth, and influence, they were the celebrated blue bloods of American society.
The Blue Bloods vowed that their immortal status would remain a closely guarded secret. And they kept that secret for centuries. But now, in New York City, the secret is seeping out. Schuyler Van Alen is a sophomore at a prestigious private school. She prefers baggy, vintage clothes instead of the Prada and pearls worn by her classmates, and she lives with her reclusive grandmother in a dilapated mansion. Schuyler is a loner...and happy that way. Suddenly, when she turns fifteen, there is a visible mosaic of blue veins on her arm. She starts to crave raw food and she is having flashbacks to ancient times. Then a popular girl from her school is found dead... drained of all her blood. Schuyler doesn't know what to think, but she wants to find out the secrets the Blue Bloods are keeping. But is she herself in danger?

I actually read this a couple months ago and am just now getting around to doing a review. One of my good friends had actually lent it to me and made me read it. At first I didn't really want to read it, cause it looked a lot like just another version of Twilight. Man was I wrong! This series is SSSOOO much better than any other vampire series I've read! Right away I had to read the next 2 of course. Then I had to wait for the fourth one to come out and I almost died waiting! Haha.  When I first started this book it was so confusing because it jumped from one character to the next, but probably close to halfway through it started making sense and I got the hang of it. I think this is one of the fastest books I've ever read, it was so good. The characters live in New York, actually this series reminds me a lot of Gossip Girl, only they're vampires. You've got the rich bitch, and her minions, and the loner..well, you know how it goes! If I remember correctly, some of them know they are vampires and there are some (at least one) that has no idea. This is a must read, if your not into vampires, you probably will be by the end of this book!

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