Saturday, 6 October 2012

Poser Review

Poser by Marley Gibson

Publisher: TKA Distribution

Release Date:  June 26th/2012
Pages: 186
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What It's About!

I’m Chai Devareaux. By day, I’m your average senior at Miami’s South Beach High. I love hanging with my friends at the beach, and I work hard to keep up my grades so I can get in Columbia University in the fall. But every afternoon and night? I transform into the model in front of the camera with the smoky eyes, perfectly styled hair, and fitted designer clothes.

I’m the girl in all the hottest clubs where the beautiful people frequent and the fashion photographers gather. I’m the girl who everyone else wants to be. The problem is it’s not my dream. I want to be a doctor.

But try telling that to my mother, 80’s supermodel icon, Claire-Ann Devareaux, a hard-living, hard-loving plastic surgery addict who’s still chasing what’s left of the limelight. And it makes my life a living headache. Even hooking up with hot teen supermodel Ty Willingham hands me more challenges than ever.

Yeah, I might look like I have it made, but it’s just the role I play.

I’m such a poser.


At the beginning of the book, I really enjoyed it until I got maybe 3 or 4 chapters in, and then it just started annoying me to no end. I don't know if the author was trying to write an actual novel, or a guide book to modeling and how to handle being famous. The book was basically about this 17 yr old girl, named Chai, and her mom is a famous model that's had every face-lift and plastic surgery under the sun. Chai's mom wants her to become a famous model just like her, only Chai wants to be a doctor.

I was so intrigued by the description of the book, but after reading the book, I'm not very impressed. I found it so hard to follow the story with all the name brand names and things being dropped constantly. Every few pages the story was pretty much put on hold just to describe in great detail how hot this guy was, or to describe exactly what everyone was wearing (all big designer brands, of course) and it just put me off totally. In the end I don't even really remember what the actual story was, due to the fact that I got so many designer names and big brands shoved in my face I can't really remember anything past them.

All the characters in the book were so superficial, flat and unrelatable. Chai bugged me the most though. She "didn't want to be a model" or be involved in the famous end of things, she just wanted to be normal and a doctor, but she didn't seem to like that either. She was basically your typical rich kid, can't be grateful for what she has and complains about it and lets her mother control her constantly. She wanted to break out to be her own person and a doctor instead of her mother's little shadow, but she had no backbone to come into her own.

Poser would have been so much more enjoyable if there wasn't so much name dropping and the constant need from the author to impress the readers with their "knowledge" of designer brands and being famous. It was just so annoying.


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