Friday, 9 November 2012

Rememberence Day Special Post

Remembrance Day is a day each year that we Canadians take to just stop and remember those who fought for our freedom. Lest We Forget, though I am sad to say, I think many of us are forgetting. 

In the last week or so, I have heard things that make me wanna take some of these people, stick them in the past and fight that war themselves. People these days are so spoiled and take our freedom for granted. It wouldn't even surprise me anymore if even one person doesn't know the real reason for Remembrance Day isn't really just a paid day off. 

A few of the things I've heard are these, and they make me really disgusted at anyone who came up with this crap:

Cosco stores in a few places in Canada have shortened the 16 days of selling poppies outside their doors, to 3 days! The place I live tried to do it too, but apparently they got boycotted, so they kept it to the 16 days that it should be.

Second one, I'm not 100% if it's true or not, but Edmonton has decided that kids can "opt out" of Remembrance Day ceremonies, because their parents don't want them to participate. Like it's an effing religion. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Remembrance day isn't optional and it's NOT a religion. It's a day to remember all the soldiers that lost their lives fighting for our freedom so that you CAN freely practice whatever religion you decide. Without them, we wouldn't have freedom, so I guess some people truly are forgetting and think their kids are too good to attend these ceremonies. THOSE are the people who should be thrown into another country that doesn't have HALF the freedom we do so they can actually understand what freedom is and get their heads of their asses. (Read more here)

No matter how long ago it was, which, if you think about it, wasn't very long at all, if your a real Canadian, you'll take a moment on November 11th to thank the soldiers who lost their lives for us, not take our freedom for granted. 


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