Friday, 27 December 2013

Feature Friday #5

Act Of Will by A.J. Hartley

Act of Will was originally published four years ago by a traditional publisher as an adult novel, though the author felt it fit more into the young adult genre. It has now been self-published as a YA novel. It is available in both ebook and paperback formats.


 What It's About!
Will Hawthorne is in trouble. He had been looking forward to his 18th 
birthday because that meant he’d finally be a professional actor, but 
Will has a knack for screwing things up royally. He winds up on the run 
from the authorities and into the arms of a party of principled 
adventurers who represent everything Will doesn’t believe in—principle, 
self-sacrifice, maybe even magic—but they seem to be his best chance of 
staying alive and free for a few more days…

But when his new “friends” take a job investigating a band of ruthless 
and mysterious horsemen who have been devastating a land far from all 
Will has known, he encounters an altogether different level of danger. 
Soon it is not clear which is more likely to get him killed, the party’s 
nobility, the enemy’s merciless efficiency, or his own special talent 
for fiasco.

Can Will get used to this world of vanishing adversaries and magic 
swords? He will have to if he’s going to survive it. And to wind up rich 
and in the good graces of the beautiful Renthrette, he’s going to have 
to do rather more than that…

Praise for 'Act of Will'

“Hartley’s prose is so graceful, his narrative so taut and his 
battle-scenes so exciting and well-described… This is especially true of 
the compulsively readable second half which unfolds with remarkable 
grace and power.” -Booklist

A “clever page-turner” -Publishers Weekly (Starred review)

“Fast paced and beautifully written” -R.A. Salvatore

“I was amazed by these vividly knowledgeable adventures of a youth 
living by his wits in a world much like Elizabethan England.” -David 

“Adventure meets a hero who just won’t shut up in this fast-talking 
charmer of a novel” -Kate Elliott
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