Sunday, 11 March 2012

Skinned Review

Rating: ♥.5

The Download was supposed to change the world. It was supposed to mean the end of aging the end of death, the birth of a new humanity. But it wasn't supposed to happen to someone like Lia Kahn.
And it wasn't supposed to ruin her life.
Lia knows she should be grateful she didn't die in the accident. The Download saved her--but it also changed her, forever. She can deal with being a freak. She can deal with the fear in her parents' eyes and the way her boyfriend flinches at her touch. But she can't deal with what she knows, deep down, every time she forces herself to look in the mirror: She's not the same person she used to be.
                                                        Maybe she's not even a person at all.

I read this a long time ago, just after the 3rd book had come out. I guess I went in expecting too much, but I didn't care for it at all. It was just so weird, what with the whole being turned into a robot after she should have died thing going on. It's set really far in the future where technology is far more advanced than it is today, and instead of having money, they have "credit", which I think is supposed to be like a credit card type thing, but a little different.

I can't totally remember, but I think they had basically taken who she used to be and put it in a chip that now serves as her brain or some crap. Most of the book is weird and boring and I never did get into it much. 

She gets treated really different from her friends and family and wishes she had just died like she was supposed to in the car accident. But then she meets other "skinners" and begins to fit in with them and starts to think it's not so bad being a skinner herself. The last few pages in the book end in a bit of a cliffhanger and started to actually grab my interest somewhat, but I never did pick up the 2nd book  and probably never will.

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