Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Hey Guys!

     I'm finally back to blogging!! AFTER THREE YEARS!!! For whatever reason, life kinda just happened, and I drifted away from book blogging, no real reason why. I guess I just kind of lost interest in it and just never went back. I've thought about blogging again off and on, so now, I have FINALLY made the decision to get back to it! I'm so excited!!

Even though I quit blogging for a few years, I never quit reading! Of course I've gone through a fair share of reading slumps BUT I have read sooo many books, which means I have a LOT of reviews that I am going to be posting in the next little while. It won't be every day, but every couple days I plan on having either a new review up, or cover reveal, or whatever.

So for those of you that may have stuck around and kept following my blog while I was gone, THANK YOU and WELCOME BACK! :) For those of you that are new, WELCOME! Please feel free to give my blog a follow, and hope you enjoy it!

If you want to be kept up to date on a more day to day basis on the book end of things with me, and what I'm currently reading, feel free to follow my bookstagram @addictedtonovel_official and/or add me as a friend on goodreads if you'd like as well.

I would also like to add that any posts from here on out are probably going to be a little different compared to my old posts, same idea and layout, I just don't have some of the same tools I did a few years ago, but that could change.

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