Wednesday, 30 November 2011

December Blog

Christmas Hits the Blog!

So for the whole month of December, the blog is going to be Christmasfied! :)
Hope you all enjoy the holidays and get a lot of new books from Santa in your stockings!

 One of my most favourite Christmas albums to listen to during the Holidays, is Taylor Swift's Christmas album Sounds of the Season!  
~What's yours?~



Got my copy of The Secret of Spruce Knoll by Heather McCorkle in the mail today!!! I was pleasantly surprised when all the extra goodies fell out of it!

♥Cover Candie of the Week♥

~I decided instead of just posting a pic of the Candie Cover of the Week, I'm gonna do a post for it also, with the cover and what it's about, as well as still having the cover up on the right hand side of the blog. Hope you enjoy this week's Cover Candie!~

Brave New Love: 15 Dystopian Tales of Desire by a lot of authors-click here to see the list on

Release Date: March 6th/2012
390 pages

What It's About! 

Young love has always had its challenges, but even so, the world falling apart at its seams is a pretty big obstacle. This stellar collection dystopian tales explores survival of the fittest in terms of love, passion, and humanity. When the survival of the human race is at stake, what will it take for the bond between two people to hold strong together?

Featuring some of the most well known and best-selling names of the dystopian genre, as well as the hottest up-and-coming authors, this anthology includes works from Jeanne Du Prau (City of Ember), Carrie Ryan (The Forest of Hands and Teeth), Diana Peterfreund (Rampant), Jesse Karp (Those That Wake), Kiera Cass (The Selection), Andrew Smith, and William Sleator (The Boy Who Wouldn't Die).

Cover Reveal!

Touching the Surface by Kimberly Sabatini

Release Date: Sept 2012
*pages unknown*

What It's About!
Life altering mistakes are meant to alter lives… When Elliot dies for the third time, she knows this is her last shot. There are no fourth-timers in this afterlife, so one more chance is all she has to get things right. But before she can move on to her next life, Elliot will be forced to face her past and delve into the painful memories she’d rather keep buried. Memories of people she’s hurt, people she’s betrayed…and people she’s killed. As she pieces together the mistakes of her past, Elliot must earn the forgiveness of her best friend and reveal the truth about herself to the two boys she loves…even if it means losing them both forever.

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