Monday, 7 May 2012

Thoeba Review

Rating: ♥♥♥.5

*A copy was provided for review*

Thoeba's world fell to darkness forcing her to flee. She came to Earth to protect the Energy, losing everything in the process.

Darkness has found a way to follow her and threatens to take this world as well.

With only humans as allies, can she succeed?

Thoeba is Donna Milward's debut novel, the first book in her new anthology, and will be released June 26th/2012.


I had mixed feelings about this book, so that's why it ended up with a 3.5/5 hearts. I love pretty much all novels about angels, mythologies, that type of thing, so that's what I mostly liked about this book. However, I feel like the author could have given us more background and story build-up in the beginning of the book, instead of rushing in and leaving the reader to piece things together. It took away from some of the story, because instead of enjoying the story, half the time I felt like I was trying to figure things out. 

Another thing I didn't really care for was the switching of character POV's. I love it when an author has different character POV's and has a chapter for each character. With Thoeba, though, it feels like it randomly switches between characters, all we get is a little ~~~ to indicate the new POV. Sometimes I wasn't even completely sure which character's thoughts I was supposed to be reading about. 

The story itself was really good. It keeps a good pace, things continuously happen, and the main plot was pretty well done. Most of the story is very descriptive, very easily seen in the mind's eye (when your not going WTH? sometimes lol). As you get farther into the story, you get to know the characters a little better and don't feel so lost as to who they really are, but sometimes it still didn't quite click for me.

Overall, I kind of feel like the author rushed everything down on paper (or computer, whichever, whatever), and didn't take enough time to fully build her characters, and the background of the story and its characters. Some parts of the story felt like they got more time than others spent perfecting and tweaking, but maybe it's just me. I recommend it for mythology lovers, for sure.


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