Thursday, 26 December 2013

2014 Releases

Now that Christmas has come and gone (for the most part), and the new year is well on it's way, I thought I'd put a list together of some AMAZING books that are going to be coming out. Hope you enjoy! :) Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year! 

Click on the books to check them out on Goodreads.

 photo 17565845_zpsf96e4a09.jpg  photo 16069030_zpsfb3a7579.jpg  photo 13645358_zpse8bf9885.jpg  photo 13618440_zpsf0f9e0ca.jpg  photo 17926775_zps38d375d6.jpg  photo 9627755_zps643d9552.jpg  photo 8709524_zpsdd51b93f.jpg  photo 12711662_zps57eb906f.jpg  photo 12852064_zpsc96d72ab.jpg  photo 12369550_zps3e94f3ee.jpg  photo 13188676_zpsdf097fda.jpg  photo 12578370_zps7785e37d.jpg  photo 13507921_zps7d86283f.jpg  photo 10222365_zpsad9570ce.jpg  photo 15832932_zpscbce1199.jpg  photo 14288998_zpsac44f8da.jpg  photo 15792316_zpsaf809a5c.jpg  photo 15844362_zps081f3c7b.jpg  photo 16085468_zpsebdfdb93.jpg  photo 17228280_zpsbad23365.jpg  photo 18525702_zps3c75c9d6.jpg  photo 17902141_zpsd0498c8e.jpg
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