Saturday, 10 December 2011

Guest Post by Ellen Wookey

Fever review written by Ellen Wookey

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars (or 4/4)
‘Trust is the strongest weapon.’ a phrase that was used early in the book. It stuck with me for the length of the story. I was instantly drawn back into Rhine’s world. It’s a fast pace novel that doesn’t lack detail. 
I fell in love with little Maddie right away. It was heartbreaking that she had to separate from her mother. But she has a book that offers her comfort and answers for her new journey in life. 
Gabriel and Rhine’s romance was confusing yet compelling. Just when you start thinking if the love was moving forward, it took two steps back. 
Just when you think Rhine is getting closer to finding her brother and about to start living a free life, everything takes a turn for the worst. It seems that death might take her early. 
Sometimes people find the second book before they can find the first book in a series. I can say that if that is the case for you, FEVER will explain throughout the book of what happened in Wither, leaving you with knowledge you would have gotten from reading the first book in the series. Now I don’t want to give out to much spoilers but FEVER is a fast pace rollercoaster with a new twist at every turn. 

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