Sunday 27 May 2018


 Blog Update!

Hi guys, just wanted to do a quick update and let you know that I've started a brand new book blog-Addicted To Novels 2.0 ! I just wanted to start fresh, so I decided to make a whole new blog. All social media is the same, just the blog has moved. I may still update this blog from time to time, but if you'd be willing to check and maybe even follow the new blog, that would be great, and much appreciated! Thanks for stopping by! xo (P.S. if this post is a couple different colors, it's because the blog is being temper-mental and wouldn't do what I wanted it to; also another reason I have created a new book blog!)

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Thursday 11 May 2017

Review: Splinter by Sasha Dawn

Splinter by Sasha Dawn

Publisher: Carolrhoda Books
Release Date: March 1rst/ 2017
Pages: 298
Type: Hardback
Rating: 5/5

About the Book:

Sixteen-year-old Sami hasn’t seen her mother in ten years—and neither has anyone else. The police suspect Sami’s father had something to do with her mom’s disappearance, but Sami’s never believed that. Her mother chose to abandon her and start a new life. It’s that simple.

Yet now, new evidence has emerged about another missing woman who used to be involved with Sami’s dad. Coincidence—or evidence that the cops have been right all along?

As Sami investigates on her own, she’s forced to question everything she thought she knew about the dad who’s always been there for her and the mother who supposedly abandoned her. And if her dad didn’t kill her mother, what did happen?


My rating for this book went up the farther I got into it. I LOVE mysteries, so Splinter quickly became one of my favorite mystery novels.

Originally I had thought that Splinter was going to be super predictable and easy to figure out but it wasn't! The author did a really good job of making it seem like it was totally obvious that it was this one character that was the reason behind the main character's mother missing, when really, it turned out to be someone nobody expected. At all. Even when I was SO SURE it HAD to be one of the characters, I was so wrong!

The farther I got into this book, the more entranced I became, and the more I HAD to know who actually did it! I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves a good mystery!


Wednesday 10 May 2017

May 2017 Releases

Hey guys! Sorry for the late post, I know I should have posted it sooner! I hope you still like this post though! If you would like to purchase any books, or them Here, and in doing so, it will help greatly in helping to run the blog! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday 27 April 2017

Review: Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch

Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch

Publisher: Simon Pulse
Release Date: March 3rd/2016
Pages: 389
Type: Hardback
Rating: 5/5

What It's About! 

“I made the wrong choice.”

Lina is spending the summer in Tuscany, but she isn’t in the mood for Italy’s famous sunshine and fairy-tale landscape. She’s only there because it was her mother’s dying wish that she get to know her father. But what kind of father isn’t around for sixteen years? All Lina wants to do is get back home.

But then she is given a journal that her mom had kept when she lived in Italy. Suddenly Lina’s uncovering a magical world of secret romances, art, and hidden bakeries. A world that inspires Lina, along with the ever-so-charming Ren, to follow in her mother’s footsteps and unearth a secret that has been kept for far too long. It’s a secret that will change everything she knew about her mother, her father—and even herself.

People come to Italy for love and gelato, someone tells her, but sometimes they discover much more.


I absolutely LOVED Love & Gelato. It was the perfect mix of romance, secrets, friendships, and adventure! Once I started reading it, I could NOT put it down, it was just such a sweet and breezy read!

One thing I really liked about this story, was we got a small glimpse of her mother in the very beginning of the book, and we know her as the main character knows her. Or what she THINKS she knows. I loved how things didn't go how she thought they would, how they turned out BETTER than expected. I also loved the way she got to know her mom, about her past, and how certain people had come to be in her life.

The story takes place in Italy, and I have never really thought about going there, but after reading this book, it made me immediately want to jump on a plane and go! Honestly I didn't really have any expectations going into this book, and didn't really know much about it, so it was a very pleasant surprise by the time I got to the end of the book. I cannot say enough good things about Love & Gelato. However, if your looking for the perfect, easy, light summer read, this would definitely be it!

Wednesday 12 April 2017

Review: There Will Be Lies by Nick Lake

There Will Be Lies by Nick Lake 

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Release Date: January 6th, 2015
Pages: 464
Type: Hardback
Rating: 2/5

What It's About!

In four hours, Shelby Jane Cooper will be struck by a car.

Shortly after, she and her mother will leave the hospital and set out on a winding journey toward the Grand Canyon.

All Shelby knows is that they’re running from dangers only her mother understands. And the further they travel, the more Shelby questions everything about her past—and her current reality. Forced to take advantage of the kindness of unsuspecting travelers, Shelby grapples with what’s real, what isn’t, and who she can trust . . . if anybody.

Award-winning author Nick Lake proves his skills as a master storyteller in this heart-pounding new novel. This emotionally charged thrill ride leads to a shocking ending that will have readers flipping back to the beginning.


I will start off by saying that I LOVE a good mystery/thriller. While this book was full of mystery, I just could not fully enjoy it the way I wanted to. I was so excited to read There Will Be Lies because the synopsis sounded AMAZING! However this book just fell flat for me.

It starts off good, I was pulled in, I couldn't wait to turn the page to find out what happened next. But then I got about 100 pages in and it felt like the story wasn't really going forward. There was a lot of "filler", a lot of useless words filling up the pages just for the sake of it. I ended up skimming through the last half of the book JUST to find out what some of the secrets were.

I honestly don't really have much else to say about it. It was kind of weird the way she went in and out of reality, or the worlds and at some points I didn't really get what was happening or even what the point of some of it was. I really wanted to like this book, I really tried but it just did nothing for me, so unfortunately, I had to give it 2 stars.

Wednesday 5 April 2017


Hey Guys!

     I'm finally back to blogging!! AFTER THREE YEARS!!! For whatever reason, life kinda just happened, and I drifted away from book blogging, no real reason why. I guess I just kind of lost interest in it and just never went back. I've thought about blogging again off and on, so now, I have FINALLY made the decision to get back to it! I'm so excited!!

Even though I quit blogging for a few years, I never quit reading! Of course I've gone through a fair share of reading slumps BUT I have read sooo many books, which means I have a LOT of reviews that I am going to be posting in the next little while. It won't be every day, but every couple days I plan on having either a new review up, or cover reveal, or whatever.

So for those of you that may have stuck around and kept following my blog while I was gone, THANK YOU and WELCOME BACK! :) For those of you that are new, WELCOME! Please feel free to give my blog a follow, and hope you enjoy it!

If you want to be kept up to date on a more day to day basis on the book end of things with me, and what I'm currently reading, feel free to follow my bookstagram @addictedtonovel_official and/or add me as a friend on goodreads if you'd like as well.

I would also like to add that any posts from here on out are probably going to be a little different compared to my old posts, same idea and layout, I just don't have some of the same tools I did a few years ago, but that could change.

Monday 6 October 2014

Ghost House

Ghost House (The Ghost House Saga #1) by Alexandra Adornetto

Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Release Date: August 26th/2014
Pages: 320
Type: ARC

What It's About!

After the loss of her mother, Chloe Kennedy starts seeing the ghosts that haunted her as a young girl again. Spending time at her grandmother's country estate in the south of England is her chance to get away from her grief and the spirits that haunt her. Until she meets a mysterious stranger…

Alexander Reade is 157 years dead, with secrets darker than the lake surrounding Grange Hall and a lifelike presence that draws Chloe more strongly than any ghost before. But the bond between them awakens the vengeful spirit of Alexander's past love, Isobel. And she will stop at nothing to destroy anyone who threatens to take him from her.

To stop Isobel, Chloe must push her developing abilities to their most dangerous limits, even if it means losing Alex forever… and giving the hungry dead a chance to claim her for their own.


I honestly don't even really know how to start this review. I liked it, and I WILL read the second one (there better be a second one from the way this one ended!), buuut..the writing. It was readable, but felt like a 10 yr old wrote it. If it wasn't for the fact it was a ghost story, I probably would have never bothered reading after the first chapter or two.

Ghost House was okay-good. It had a lot of potential. I really loved the idea of the story. The author could have done SO much better with this book. I actually kind of wish another author had wrote it...

Maybe if your 15, you'll love this book. I'm a huge ghost story lover and I could have liked it a lot more than I did. The characters were pretty flat, they did have their moments throughout the book though. Also, the "chemistry" between Chloe, the main character, and the ghost, Alex, was practically non-existent, yet they're supposed to have had this whole romanitcal commitment or something...still not sure on that.

Then there's Joe, who I guess is supposed to be "the other guy" and suddenly she seems like she can't choose between either guy but none of them have built up any chemistry and it was all so bland and flat. Like, I don't understand how you can have this undying love for this ghost you just met and know nothing about, haven't spent barely any time with, and then start to become friends with Joe and he's got this some-kind-of-love thing for Chloe--When did this happen again?

Another thing I didn't really get was the ghosts in the beginning, what did anything have to do with them? I thought at least by the end of the book we would get some kind of explanation, but nada.

The only reason I gave it 3 stars was because it was a good effort trying to write this book and I love ghost stories.

Secondly, the only reason I'm even going to read the second one is because
                                                    **SPOILER ALERT BELOW**


Chloe moves back home and goes back to school and somehow Alex the ghost shows up as an actual boy at her school. ? ?! ???!!! 


Friday 22 August 2014

Book Blitz: The Summer We Fell

Release Day Blitz!

Adam Stewart is every girl’s fantasy – captain of the football team, smart, funny, hot. I’ve had a crush on him for years but he never noticed me. Until now.

Dating Adam is a dream come true. I should be happy about it, but it’s hard because my best friend Cruz is acting strange. Almost like he’s jealous. But that can’t be. Can it?

Cruz and I have been inseparable since we were kids. He’s always been like a brother to me. But lately things have changed. He’s different, and I’m starting to see him in a new light. Our relationship is evolving in a way I never thought possible. I don’t want to lose him, but am I willing to give up Adam for him?

Purchase on Amazon:

~*~About The Author~*~

Amber Garza is the author of the Delaney's Gift Series and many contemporary romance titles, including Star Struck, Tripping Me Up and Break Free. She has had a passion for the written word since she was a child making books out of notebook paper and staples. Her hobbies include reading and singing. Tea and wine are her drinks of choice (not necessarily in that order). She writes while blaring music, and talks about her characters like they're real people. She currently lives in California with her amazing husband, and two hilarious children who provide her with enough material to keep her writing for years.

Friday 15 August 2014

Feature Friday: Ugly Love

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

Publisher: Atria Books
Release Date: August 5th/2014
Pages: 320

What It's About!

When Tate Collins meets airline pilot Miles Archer, she knows it isn’t love at first sight. They wouldn’t even go so far as to consider themselves friends. The only thing Tate and Miles have in common is an undeniable mutual attraction. Once their desires are out in the open, they realize they have the perfect set-up. He doesn’t want love, she doesn’t have time for love, so that just leaves the sex. Their arrangement could be surprisingly seamless, as long as Tate can stick to the only two rules Miles has for her.

Never ask about the past.
Don’t expect a future.

They think they can handle it, but realize almost immediately they can’t handle it at all.
                                                            Hearts get infiltrated.
                                                             Promises get broken.
                                                              Rules get shattered.
                                                                  Love gets ugly.

Sunday 10 August 2014


Played (Hooked #2) by Liz Fichera

Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Release Date: May 27th/2014
Pages: 352
Type: ARC

What It's About!

This Game Is Getting All Too Real

He said: I like to keep under the radar and mostly hang out with my friends from the rez. But when I saved Riley Berenger from falling off a mountain, that rich suburban princess decided to try to save me.

She said: If I can help Sam Tracy win the heart of the girl he can't get over, I'll pay him back for helping me. I promised him I would, no matter what it takes.


Played turned out to be a pretty good book. The pov switched between the two main characters, Sam (guy) and Riley (girl). It was kind of your typical spoiled rich girl, meets wholesome, down-to-earth guy, but it worked for this story.

For the first good half of the book, Riley really got on my nerves. I swear the only reason I even kept reading was because I liked Sam, and was curious as to how his half of the story would turn out. Riley was a spoiled brat with no brains that couldn't figure out the simplest of things, because she gets life handed to her on a silver platter.

Sam on the other hand, being a native, grew up on the rez and had to work for everything he got, which was probably a good part of why I liked his character so much.

Of course at first, the two main characters couldn't get along very well because they were from opposite ends of reality, but eventually they came together. It only took THE WHOLE DAMN BOOK for them to get over themselves and their differences and freakin end up together.

Overall the book was good, I feel that Riley could have grown more as a person throughout the book, and the storyline could have had a little it (for lack of better words), but I definitely enjoyed it as a good, easy, summer read. 


Saturday 15 February 2014

Illusions of Fate

Illusions of Fate by Kiersten White

Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: September 9th/2014
Pages: 288

What It's About!

Coming soon! 


Sunday 9 February 2014

♥Cover Candie of the Month♥

On The Fence by Kasie West

Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: July 1rst/2014
Pages: 320

What It's About!

She's a tomboy. He's the boy next door…

Charlie Reynolds can outrun, outscore, and outwit every boy she knows. But when it comes to being a girl, Charlie doesn't know the first thing about anything. So when she starts working at a chichi boutique to pay off a speeding ticket, she finds herself in a strange new world. To cope with the stress of her new reality, Charlie takes to spending nights chatting with her neighbor Braden through the fence between their yards. As she grows to depend on their nightly Fence Chats, she realizes she's got a bigger problem than speeding tickets-she's falling for Braden. She knows what it means to go for the win, but if spilling her secret means losing him for good, the stakes just got too high.


Thursday 6 February 2014

Split Second

Split Second (Pivot Point #1) by Kasie West

Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: February 11th/2014
Pages: 360
Type: ARC

What It's About!

Life can change in a split second.

Addie hardly recognizes her life since her parents divorced. Her boyfriend used her. Her best friend betrayed her. She can’t believe this is the future she chose. On top of that, her ability is acting up. She’s always been able to Search the future when presented with a choice. Now she can manipulate and slow down time, too . . . but not without a price.

When Addie’s dad invites her to spend her winter break with him, she jumps at the chance to escape into the Norm world of Dallas, Texas. There she meets the handsome and achingly familiar Trevor. He’s a virtual stranger to her, so why does her heart do a funny flip every time she sees him? But after witnessing secrets that were supposed to stay hidden, Trevor quickly seems more suspicious of Addie than interested in her. And she has an inexplicable desire to change that.

Meanwhile, her best friend, Laila, has a secret of her own: she can restore Addie’s memories . . . once she learns how. But there are powerful people who don’t want to see this happen. Desperate, Laila tries to manipulate Connor, a brooding bad boy from school—but he seems to be the only boy in the Compound immune to her charms. And the only one who can help her.

As Addie and Laila frantically attempt to retrieve the lost memories, Addie must piece together a world she thought she knew before she loses the love she nearly forgot . . . and a future that could change everything.


I loved the first book, Pivot Point so much that I was barely done reading it before I started reading Split Second.

In this sequel to Pivot Point, we once again see from the point of view from Addie, like the first book, only we ALSO get Laila's point of view this time also. At first I wasn't too sure how I felt about it, since Laila seemed like a really shallow character in the first book, but once I got to know her, I really liked her and could understand why her and Addie were such good friends. It also made it more interesting, going from one point of view in the first book, to two people's points of view in the second.

I loved how Split Second had just as many, if not more plot twists than the first book. It took me a little longer to get into it, because it was a little slow in the beginning, but picked up really fast. Some things, I kind of saw coming, and/or expected, but I did NOT see the ending at all! It made the book that much better.

Another thing I really loved was how all the characters grew. Especially Laila. She went from acting like a spoiled brat, to someone who actually cared for someone other than herself and her younger brothers. We also got more of Trevor in this book, who's character also grew a little bit, but also stayed the same at the same time.

I just LOVE these books, and Kasie West :) I'm REAAALLLYY hoping there's going to be a third book in the Pivot Point series! 


Tuesday 4 February 2014

Pivot Point

Pivot Point (Pivot Point #1) by Kasie West

Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: February 12th/2013
Pages: 343
Type: Hardcover

What It's About!

Knowing the outcome doesn’t always make a choice easier . . .

Addison Coleman’s life is one big “What if?” As a Searcher, whenever Addie is faced with a choice, she can look into the future and see both outcomes. It’s the ultimate insurance plan against disaster. Or so she thought. When Addie’s parents ambush her with the news of their divorce, she has to pick who she wants to live with—her father, who is leaving the paranormal compound to live among the “Norms,” or her mother, who is staying in the life Addie has always known. Addie loves her life just as it is, so her answer should be easy. One Search six weeks into the future proves it’s not.

In one potential future, Addie is adjusting to life outside the Compound as the new girl in a Norm high school where she meets Trevor, a cute, sensitive artist who understands her. In the other path, Addie is being pursued by the hottest guy in school—but she never wanted to be a quarterback’s girlfriend. When Addie’s father is asked to consult on a murder in the Compound, she’s unwittingly drawn into a dangerous game that threatens everything she holds dear. With love and loss in both lives, it all comes down to which reality she’s willing to live through . . . and who she can’t live without.


As soon as I seen this book, I knew I had to get my hands on it. However, it sat on my shelf for far too long...

I actually decided to read it when I got an ARC in the mail of the second book. Once I started reading it though, I was like WHY DID IT TAKE ME SO FLIPPIN' LONG TO READ THIS?! It was SO good! I was familiar with Kasie West, but had never read anything by her, so I wasn't sure what to expect with Pivot Point. It's now safe to say I love Kasie West and her writing style is amazing and easy to read. I really felt like I got into the mind of Addison, the main character.

In Pivot Point, Addie has the ability to see two futures based on choices she is given. Kasie West did an AMAZING job in this novel! We get to see BOTH visions of both paths of her future. Each chapter took turns telling what happened in one path and then the other. It all flowed so well, that after a couple chapters I didn't even think about it anymore.

I've never read a novel that had done this before. It made it that much more amazing. I loved Addie, she wasn't one of those characters that asks or thinks a bunch of stupid questions even though the answer is right in front of them. She wasn't one of those type of characters that would go into a basement knowing full well she shouldn't be going into the basement because you KNOW there's something down there. Know what I mean?

She knew how to think for herself, and was able to figure things out like a normal person, which I really liked. I'd be reading and be like "why wouldn't you think of this?" or something, and she WOULD! *Mind Blown*! Finally a character who isn't totally or partially stupid, who actually has some brains!

I also really liked Trevor, one of Addie's love interests :") Yuummmmmm..He was the perfect mix of brains, hot and sweetness and totally perfect for Addie.

I was pretty sure I was going to like this book, but I had no idea HOW much I was going to LOVE IT :)


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