Review Policy

Rating System

1 Butterfly=Just did not like it at all
2 Butterlies=It's ok, not really for me
3 Butterflies=It's alright, could be better
4 Butterflies=Really good
5 Butterflies=Totally & completely loved it!

For Authors and Publishers

I am currently accepting review requests! 

I read and review YA (young adult) and SOME New Adult books. All my reviews are of my honest opinion, are written by me, and include the book cover, description, author/publisher/release date info and are generally posted on or as close to the release date as I can. ARCs are generally posted a few days before or on release date. All reviews are posted via this blog and Goodreads.

I read and am open to pretty much anything within the YA genre (contemporary, dystopian, thrillers, fantasy, etc.). 

I don't accept bibliographies, religious books, or graphics (comics, mangas, etc).

♥I only accept published authors. I fully support indie authors, however, based off of experience, I am no longer accepting review requests from indie authors. 
♥I am currently accepting books for review- paperbacks/ARCs/hardback/finished copies/review copies

♥At this time, I am open to cover reveals, featuring new and upcoming books, and possibly book tours as well, feel free to send me an email with any questions or inquiries you may have!

You can contact me at: (Jessica Peterson at hotmail dot ca)

Thank you for reading my review policy and considering sending me a request! :)

Page updated: April 5th/2017


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