Saturday, 5 November 2011

Marked Review

Rating: ♥♥♥

A copy was provided for review

Marked by Jessica Gibson is a paranormal romance about a woman named Jilly and her best friend Emily. They're both witches who run a hair salon, and help people by making protection charms from potions they make. One day out of the blue, William shows up at the salon and it's almost instant attraction between him and Jilly. Then Jilly starts to have these weird dreams that she finds out later are actually memories someone is sort of putting her in so she can see the parts of the past someone wants her to see. William is a Time Walker, he is immortal and has lived for a couple hundred years. He starts to trust Jilly and tell her a bit of his background, and it seems as if Sabine, another Time Walker from his past, has some alternative motives..

The story has very good potential, and a very good story line, but it feels like we are not given enough background information about the characters. On the first page, the story plunges right in, and just keeps going. Some books have too much explanation in them, but this one doesn't seem to have any, really. As you read through the story, you start to understand the characters by how they act and what they say, but that's really all there is to go on. Jilly is the most hardest character to get to know, I think. You see everything from her point of view, but she never really explains who she is or how her and Emily's salon got started or nothing. She talks out loud to herself a lot, where as most characters just think it in their head. This drove me a little crazy lol. I really wanted to like this book but there's just not enough to go on, I feel like I'm always missing something, like the characters know something I don't I guess. Overall, it is a pretty good book but it could have more stuff to build it up a little bit instead of diving right in and leaving the reader hanging.


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