Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Advice for First Time Self-Publishing Authors

 Advice for First Time Self-Publishing Authors
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You've crossed all of your 't's and dotted all of your 'i's, but you have a sinking feeling (just butterflies?) that you have forgotten something when preparing your first book to be self-published. Not to fear, Blurb has got you covered. In a recent article by Amy Edelman, founder of the essential consumer guide to self published books, IndieReader, she goes over common mistakes made by newbie self-publishing authors as well as what must-haves the book should include.

"Typical mistakes made by first-time indie authors include:

No contact info 
Picture this: You write, design, and publish an amazing book. You come up with a killer title and create a fabulous cover. But nowhere—not in your book, author website, Twitter bio, or Facebook page—do you have your contact info."

If you've already designed a killer cover, signed your name and are ready to get that manuscript formatted and into the hands of millions of readers, then download BookWright by Blurb and begin unfolding your story into the easiest way to create, format and publish your dream. Now is the time to take that leap and tell your story with Blurb Self-Publishing


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